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Gazing at butt cheeks


I understand that each generation has to create the world in its own image. That means that us old people can be seen as conservative. Especially with clothing. Yet I do think that this generation has something to consider. Why are you all showing your underwear?

Ok, I will leave the women alone. Women are often the centre of men staring. Is it possible that men stare because women are showing their underwear? Maybe. But if it is comfortable then wear it. The same with the niqab. I say, if it is comfortable then wear it. Men stare while the State tries to control women’s bodies.

It is time to stare at men’s clothing! If the State wants to tell women what they cannot wear then there should be restrictions on men’s clothing as well. Both because of cultural factors and gender. The State can decide what everyone should wear. Equality!

For equality we should stare at men as much as we do at women. In this case at least it is something I have personal experience with. I wear men’s clothing and I know what is comfortable. I also know what is not comfortable.

When I was growing up there was a stereotype of plumbers working under the kitchen sink. Clearly visible was half of their butt. The top half! It was a crack that never disappeared.

Today that crack is coming back. But not with tradesmen. Instead it is with normal boys walking down the street. It is now a fashion style to wear jeans that are two sizes too big. And no belt! This means that the top of the jeans are closer to the knee than the hips.

How is it possible to walk like that? Consider what happens when you run out of toilet paper. With pants around knees you must waddle like a penguin across the bathroom, into the hall and take a new roll out of the cupboard. And then go back.

This is not comfortable!

And yet boys today wear pants like this. With their pockets fully loaded with phone, house-keys, second phone, wallet, bike keys, tablet… As the list goes on the pants get lower. First the top of the underwear, then the lower butt, and finally the crack.

To preserve Swedish dignity the State must solve the problem of preventing visible butt crack. It is not pleasing to look at and it is not comfortable to walk in. As such the clothing is clearly an oppressive item that is designed to control men’s bodies.

Visible underwear on men is not part of our culture and the government must pass a law to prevent this clothing from being worn. If men’s ability to choose their own clothes is not controlled soon then the democratic society we live in will be lost.

Society and the government must stare at men’s underwear before it is too late!

Text: Kevin Anderson
Illustration: Martin Bäckström-Ledin